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Quality is no longer sufficient

    “Quality, the quality of meeting specifications, is required but no longer sufficient.”

    Seth Godin, This is Marketing

    To be a conductor, you have to be good. You must be able to conduct clearly, run efficient rehearsals, and get musicians from the beginning of a concert to the end of it.

    But being a “good enough conductor” is no longer sufficient. There are armies of other “good enough conductors” that could step in and do the same job.

    So how can you stand out?

    You could:

    • 1. be cheaper than other conductors (racing to the bottom of the barrel),
    • 2. be more attractive than other conductors (with good marketing and headshots),
    • or 3. be more “entertaining” than other conductors (by putting on a “performance”).

    Or…you could have something to say about the music.

    Enter every opportunity with a vision so clear and with enough confidence to be vulnerable. Once you have clarity and vulnerability, then you have a voice. Then you can connect. Then you have the opportunity to be excellent and to be see

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