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My NOW Page

Welcome to my NOW page. This is a list of everything that I’m focused on now, with a few notes about what I’d like to be focused on next. It’s a way for me to articulate my goals and intentions, and to be public about what’s pulling at my mind from time to time.

Last Updated 7/30/2022

My Current Projects

Fort Collins Symphony

At FCS, I’m focusing on expanding the orchestra’s presence online and in the community via social media, email marketing, our website, and content marketing. That means experimenting, analyzing, and reimagining the purpose and potential that an orchestra has in its community. It also means learning new skills and developing the experience that I’ve picked up from running Podium Time.

My goals in this position are:

  • To raise the following and engagement levels of our social media accounts by 20%.
  • Build the FCS website into a hub for people everywhere that are interested in classical music by creating content online and making it easy for everybody to find, access, and understand it.
  • Expand our presence in the community and online so that we are present in people’s minds even between concerts.

Denver Rock Orchestra

It’s a Rock Orchestra…in Denver. We have performed two incredible sold-out concerts, and we are just getting started! Check out the DRO and how to keep in touch at

Podium Time Podcast

My podcast, available at Founded in August 2017, we interview conductors with a focus on learning how to become better conductors ourselves. PT has been downloaded over 44,000 times by listeners around the world.

I’m currently planning and recording for the new season: “Building Back Audiences.”

Listen to a few episodes here:

What I’ve read/enjoyed recently:


Seth Godin – Linchpin

Linchpin is an exploration of what makes some workers more valuable than others. Spoiler alert: It’s not the ability to follow directions well. What makes somebody extra valuable (and irreplaceable) is the ability to 1. do the exhausting work of bringing your all when it’s not required, and 2. engaging in and leading projects for which there is no existing path.

Oliver Burkeman – 4,000 weeks: Time Management for Mortals

How many weeks will you live? If you live to age 80, that is an astonishingly short, and humblingly small, 4,000 weeks. Burkeman asks us to face the reality of that short, precious time and let go of the projects and dreams that are not important to us. The problem is not how quickly we can get things done, but what things we care to get done at all.

David Graber and David Wenigrow – The Dawn of Everything

The Dawn of Everything adds nuance to the idea that bands become tribes become kingdoms become states, and explores the origins of equality and inequality in society. It traces the variety and complexity of early societies, many of which were aware of agriculture or hierarchical societies and intentionally chose not to adopt more “advanced” practices. Like Burkeman’s 4,000 weeks, it asks us to consider the quality of the moment rather than seeing everything as a stepping stone to the next thing. Historians rarely consider that early peoples chose how they wanted to live rather than being slaves to the whims of history and progress.

Each summer I tackle one huge book, and in 2022 that huge book is The Dawn of Everything.