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My NOW Page

Welcome to my NOW page. This is a list of everything that I’m focused on now, with a few notes about what I’d like to be focused on next. It’s a way for me to articulate my goals and intentions, and to be public about what’s pulling at my mind from time to time.

My Current Projects

Fort Collins Symphony

I’m the newly-appointed Digital Communications Director for the Fort Collins Symphony. This is a new position, so there’s a lot of exploration and development in what it actually entails. I’m focusing on expanding the orchestra’s presence online and in the community via social media, email marketing, our website, and other endeavors. That means experimenting, analyzing, and reimagining the purpose and potential that an orchestra has in its community. It also means learning new skills and developing the experience that I’ve picked up from running Podium Time.

My goals in this position are:

  • To raise the following and engagement levels of our social media accounts by 20%.
  • Build the FCS website into a hub for people everywhere that are interested in classical music by creating content online and making it easy for everybody to find, access, and understand it.
  • Expand our presence in the community and online so that we are present in people’s minds even between concerts.

CU Anschutz Orchestra

CU Anschutz is a medical campus in Aurora, Colorado. The orchestra here consists of a dedicated group of medical students, campus staff, and community members. We perform two concerts per season and meet weekly. For most of the Fall 2021 concert cycle, we had to meet outdoors due to COVID regulations.

Denver Rock Orchestra

It’s a Rock Orchestra…in Denver. We’re having our first concert in February 27, 2022. Check out the DRO an how to keep in touch at DenverRockOrchestra.org.

Podium Time Podcast

My podcast, available at PodiumTimePod.com. Updates have been absent for the second half of this year as I suddenly found myself with much more work this fall. Founded in August 2017, we interview conductors with a focus on learning how to become better conductors ourselves. PT has been downloaded over 42,000 times by listeners around the world.

Listen to a few episodes here:

What I’ve read / enjoyed recently:


Seth Godin – Linchpin: an exploration of what makes some workers more valuable than others. Spoiler alert: It’s not the ability to follow directions well. What makes somebody extra valuable (and irreplaceable) is the ability to 1. do the exhausting work of bringing your all when it’s not required, and 2. engaging in and leading projects for which there is no existing path.

Don Delillo – Americana: a novel about a young tv executive who gets sick of office life and goes out to seek what’s important. This book comes from year 28 of the “100 years” book by Joshua Prager. Each year is represented by a quote, and I read the source material each year starting on my birthday.

Oliver Burkeman – 4,000 weeks: Time Management for Mortals. How many weeks will you live? An astonishingly short, and humbling small, 4,000 weeks (if you live to be 80). We spend our whole lives optimizing for the future and searching to get more done in less time. But we’ve got so little time as it is. The problem is not how quickly we can get things done, but what things we care to get done at all.

Marketing for Dummies – I’m learning new skills, and one of my favorite places for that is the “for Dummies” series.


Bruised – Halle Berry’s incredible directorial debut, available on Netflix. A disgraced MMA fighter (Halle Berry) accidentally gets pulled back into the world she’s been trying to escape. Money troubles and the arrival of a long-lost son complicate things.

Prisoners – We watched this in early 2021 and I still can’t get it out of my mind. Hugh Jackman’s daughter is kidnapped and Detective Jake Gyllenhaal can’t seem to crack the case, so Jackman takes it into his own hands to investigate. By far the best (and most upsettingly intense) performance I’ve seen from Jackman, and we would love an entire show dedicated to Gyllenhaal’s character.

Moana – I can’t believe we never saw this when it came out. Moana goes far beyond other Disney offerings with a nuanced, engaging, and effective narrative and character journey. The music is amazing, the development is top-notch, and it’s a surprise contender for my favorite movies of the past few years.


Zettelkasten – I’ve recently become fascinated with the idea of taking notes better. Well, actually I’ve always been interested in it, but now I’ve discovered a new system for it: Zettelkasten. Basically, notes are organized and linked depending on their source and topic. When you learn, discover, or read an interesting idea, a note is created in your system. After you have a few hundred notes, connections begin to arise and the process of writing becomes easier because you’ve already processed hundreds of ideas and linked them with each other. I’m just getting started, but I’m very eager to continue.