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My NOW Page

This is my NOW page. It’s a list of everything that I’m focused on now, with a few notes about what I’d like to be focused on next. It’s a way for me to articulate my goals and intentions, and to be public about what’s pulling at my mind from time to time.

My Current Projects

Fort Collins Symphony

I’m the newly appointed Digital Communications Director for the Fort Collins Symphony. This is my first full-time, salaried position where I actually have to do difficult work. I’m focusing on doing an excellent job in this position,a nd that means analyzing, exploring, and improving how I do work every day. I generally set my own schedule and my own goals, so it’s up to me to direct my work.

AMC Orchestra

This is my first conducting gig where I’m in charge. It’s difficult but amazing to have an orchestra of my own. I intend to give this orchestra as much attention as I can. This is just one thing that I have to juggle with my new job above. I’ve got to program, study, and prepare for each rehearsal.

Importantly, I’m using this first opportunity in my life where I’m conducting every day to set goals and intentionally improve my rehearsal process. I’m currently working on keeping the orchestra moving at the tempo that I want, being clear and direct in how I speak with them, and getting better at a few bad habits that I have (like where I hold my left hand when I’m not using it, not wandering my eyes around the ensemble for no reason and making eye contact with people that aren’t playing, etc.).

My Health, physical and mental

More to come…

My wedding

I’m getting married at the end of October! That means that a lot of my thoughts and worries and time are going towards organizing everything for the wedding.

What I’m reading/enjoying


Seth Godin – Linchpin: an exploration of what makes workers more valuable than others. It’s not the ability to follow directions, but to do the difficult work for which there is no map.

Don Delillo – Americana: a novel about a young tv executive who gets sick of office life and goes out to seek what’s important. This book comes from year 28 of the “100 years” book by Joshua Prager.

Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Game: one of my favorite novels. I’m reading this out loud to Crisara a little bit each night.


Mass Effect Trilogy: I’m re-playing through one of my favorite game sagas now because it was recently re-released in an enhanced edition. In the near future, just as humanity starts to find its place in the galactic community, an ancient threat returns to wipe out all intelligent life in the universe. This cycle that repeats itself every 50,000 years, but now we have a chance to stop it.