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NOW Page

Derek Sivers is one of my favorite authors, though I’ve never actually finished one of his books. It’s incredible how well you can come to know somebody through listening to a few interviews and/or podcast.

Thomas Frank is another writer that I like. I think of podcasters and content creators as writers. Even if their medium is not the typed word, it is often the spoken or visual word.

Thomas recently shared the NOW page of his website with his email list, an idea that he got from Derek Sivers. I didn’t read the NOW page of either author, but instead put into my task board that I wanted to make my own. I told myself to set aside an hour, but that rarely actually works. I need to make my NOW page right now, so I’m writing about it in this blog instead.

The NOW page is a list of the things that you’re doing NOW.

I wanted to make one because I have consistent trouble clearly articulating the things I’m focused on. Forcing myself to make a public page that outlines my goals, focuses, and intentions is attractive. It forces me to be articulate and to think clearly.

So I’m going to draft this NOW page today. It can be updated later, but I want it live immediately.

You can find it here.