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Quality is no longer sufficient

    “Quality, the quality of meeting specifications, is required but no longer sufficient.” Seth Godin, This is Marketing To be a conductor, you have to be good. You must be able to conduct clearly, run efficient rehearsals, and get musicians from the beginning of a concert to the end of it. But being a “good enough conductor” is no longer sufficient.… Read More »Quality is no longer sufficient

    NOW Page

      Derek Sivers is one of my favorite authors, though I’ve never actually finished one of his books. It’s incredible how well you can come to know somebody through listening to a few interviews or their podcast. Thomas Frank is another writer that I like. Though he doesn’t actually write much, I’ve learned a lot from his videos, podcasts, and interviews.… Read More »NOW Page

      movie reviews

      2020 Movie Reviews

        Warning! Controversial movie opinions are below. Crisara and I watch a lot of movies. Like, a lot of movies. In 2020 we watched 205 movies. That’s up from the 104 we watched in 2019. Plus we watched through all of Schitt’s Creek, Mandalorian, Clone Wars, (most of) Rebels, Dead to Me, and The Office (again). I guess we found ourselves… Read More »2020 Movie Reviews