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Hear the Performer

    If you are hearing a piece for the first time you are primarily appreciating the composition: the composer, the notes that you hear, and your reactions to them. There’s a difference between the composition and the performance of that composition. Some argue that the “perfect” performance exists in idea only. Each performer has dedicated their entire life to performing, and… Read More »Hear the Performer

    Be of Service to the Bigger Picture

      No matter what function you are serving as a musician, put the larger picture before yourself. If you’re a soloist with an orchestra, play the concerto towards the goal of creating the best experience for the audience and heightening the entire evening, not by focusing on how you can look the best or promote yourself. If you’re a music director,… Read More »Be of Service to the Bigger Picture

      In the Face of Uncertainty

        In troubling and uncertain times, the best things that we can do are to look forward and find a vision of the future. It probably won’t be correct, but the exercise is the point. Identify what we do have control over in the present moment. We don’t have control now over when our gigs will return or how quickly others… Read More »In the Face of Uncertainty

        Revisit Art

          I was given the advice to read Don Quixote three times in my life: in youth, as an adult, and in old age. I’ve read it once so far. The second time, my favorite lines will be some I don’t remember ever reading the first. And on the third, I’ll understand in a way that I can’t even think of now.  Things hit you… Read More »Revisit Art