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Jeremy D. Cuebas Conductor

Jeremy D. Cuebas is a conductor and podcaster based in Colorado. His work is focused on audience engagement and helping orchestras achieve sustainable growth.

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Jeremy D. Cuebas is a Conductor and Podcaster based in Colorado. He is the Founding Music Director of the Denver Rock Orchestra and serves the Fort Collins Symphony as its Assistant Conductor and Digital Communications Director. His work is focused on audience engagement and helping orchestras achieve sustainable growth.

Jeremy D. Cuebas Conductor outside with baton

As the Digital Communications Director for the Fort Collins Symphony, Jeremy built and maintains the orchestra’s website,, and runs all digital communications for the organization, including social media and email marketing. He has expanded the orchestra’s engagement with new audiences, helped improve the concert experience for new audiences, and is helping the FCS expand its digital marketing.

Jeremy is the founder of Podium Time, a podcast of interviews and discussions with emerging and established conductors. The podcast celebrated its 100th episode in February 2021 with a live-streamed fundraiser for the Projected Inclusion Conducting Fellowship through the Chicago Sinfonietta. The fundraiser featured live interviews with Carolyn Watson, Thomas Taylor Dickey, Brett Mitchell, Kevin Noe, and Tito Muñoz, as well as the premiere of a new interview with Mei-Ann Chen.

In 2018, Jeremy completed his conducting studies at Colorado State University with Wes Kenney and Leslie Stewart. Through conducting workshops and symposiums, he has worked with many other notable teachers including Kevin Noe, Larry Rachleff, Brett Mitchell, Markand Thakar, Donald Schleicher, Gary Lewis, Larry Livingston, Harold Farberman, Apo Hsu, Nicholas Carthy, Lawrence Golan, Eduardo Navega, and Gianmaria Griglio.

Jeremy lives in Loveland, Colorado with his wife Crisara, their dog Daisy, and their crested gecko named Skeeter. He enjoys reading sci-fi and personal development books, recording podcasts, and watching horror movies while doing yoga.


Podium Time Podcast

Podium Time Podcast

Podium Time is a podcast for conductors and conducting students. Since 2017, it has featured over 100 interviews with professional conductors, reaching thousands of conducting students around the world.

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Fort Collins Symphony

Jeremy serves the Fort Collins Symphony as their Assistant Conductor, Digital Communications Director, and Webmaster. He built the newest iteration of and continues to help expand the orchestra’s digital presence and audience engagement strategies.

Denver Rock Orchestra

Enhancing Denver’s vibrant arts and culture scene, the DRO is here to celebrate popular music, combining the high art of the orchestral sonic experience and the toe-tapping, body-shaking, guitar-smashing catharsis that can only come from turning the dial up to eleven.

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